We have been having lunch meetings each month for a long time. We’ve stepped it up, now, as we start to plan for our 55th reunion next September.  We are trying to invite everyone in the area to come to our monthly meetings.  As we meet, we divide up names, so we can eventually make contact with each person in the class. As we have called classmates and met together, we have come to a realization.
     The more classmates we call, the more hurts and issues we’ve discovered. We realized that at this stage of life, we all have issues. Many of our classmates that were on the “missing” list, we found had passed away.  Suddenly, our mission of having a big party to celebrate our reunion has changed.  No more cliques, no more groups, no more pretenses.  Our priorities as a committee changed five years ago when this reality became very clear. Our reasons for having  reunions have changed.
     We now have a passion.  A passion to get everybody together.  A passion to love each other, to support each other, and to be there for each other at this very important time in our lives. In losing eight classmates since the beginning of this year, we realize that none of us are promised tomorrow.  We need to be there for each other now and for the rest of our lives.
 Please join us in this mission as we try to reach out and support each other.

(submitted by our loving classmate, Pec Chambers McGinnes)